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Action games are addressed as the heart of gaming. and also the quality of the smartphone has created the gaming genre considerably a lot of inclined over the Android platform.

Just one-tap on the screen gets the Adrenalin jumping through the roof. As a result of the increasing power of android devices, action games haven’t been ready to flourish in much the way. Therefore, nowadays we’ll point out the most effective action games accessible for your android device.

For Example, this can be one android gaming section that is in abundance on the Google Play Store. it’s tough for you to catch big cheese. thus to save you the effort, here, we listed a number of the most effective android action games to induce the real-fighting expertise.

A little heads-up: I actually have not enclosed android Shooting games since they’re a part of my list of “Best Shooting Games For Android.” Now, let’s start –


Top 10 Android Action Games | Action Games for Android 2019


1.PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG):

pubg mobile

PUBG is an online Multiplayer Battle game that is developed and published by PUBG corporation, Bluehole a subordinary company of South Korean video game. It is one of the Best Action Games ever made for Android. This game based on the various previous mod game created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown”. In this game, up to 100 of the players have been improvised and have tried to save themselves from death and try to kill others by decorating themselves on an island.

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2. Fortnite Battle Royal:

Fortnite Battle Royal

Fortnite Battle Royal is another Great Action Games. This free-to-play is developed and published by Epic Games. The fortnite battle royale was first released as early access for Windows, macOS, PlayStation Xbox One in September 2017, and for iOS, Nintendo Switch and Android in 2018 mid-year. The main concept of this game taking from Epic’s Fortnite: Save the World which is co-operated by survival game. Because of being Battle Field Royale game this game has a great feature of up to a hundred players, either alone, in duos, or in squads of up to fours players which are attempting to be the last players or group alive by killing other players. When a player starts to play the game the players without having any weapons and him/her have to loot a weapon by killing an opponent player.

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3. Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival:

into the dead 2

The sequel to the much-popular Into The Dead, the android action game takes you on a journey middle a zombie apocalypse. it’s associate auto-runner game wherever your goal is to avoid or kill zombies in order to avoid wasting your family. As expected from PikPok, the action game for android is full of beautiful graphics and details. Its seven chapters, 60 stages, and many challenges can retain and cage your interest indefinitely. Into the Dead 2 offers completely different gameplay modes to decide on from. Also, you’ll be able to additionally upgrade to some serious ammunition once leveling up. Of course, it gets tough to bypass the brain-eaters after every level. but then} you’ll be able to play the sector again or get further resources via in-app purchases. And you have got a limited quantity of stamina thus you can’t play the game day-and-night.

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4. Star Combat online:

Star Combat online

If you prefer the concept of area combat with spaceships and guns, Star Combat online is your go-to game. The android action game’s spectacular 3D graphics. And the crafting system can extremely cause you to feel like enjoying a true space combat zone. Star Combat online has more than eighteen warships and a minimum of twenty nine completely different weapons. you’ll be able to customize your warship and add completely different auxiliary systems like radar, a field of force amplifiers, weight reduction, etc. except that, you’ll be able to chat with players and combat to come back at the highest of the leaderboard. Since the game is still in development, you may face a couple of bumps here and there. for example, the online battle features heaps of bots currently. and also the interface is pretty restrictive, however, the sport is definitely reaching to be a huge release.

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5. last day on Earth: Survival:

last day on Earth

If survival games get you excited, last day on Earth ought to high your favorite list. This android action game needs a lot of patience and thinking to create it through its finish days. If you’re up for building your home, murdering zombies, and capturing different territories, then this game is for you. To survive, you endlessly need to feed yourself, build weapons and defend your land. Upon reaching higher levels, you’ll be able to build a radio tower to speak with friends. The android game is full of hurdles such as you cannot carry everything thus you may have chosen with wisdom. Also, traveling between locations takes up your energy thus once more, you have got to rely on methods. In the end, it’s your tactics and patience which will lead you to gather a variety of resources.

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6. Soul Knight:

Soul Knight

Soul Knight is a hit-and-run action game for Android, wherever you progress around dungeon rooms and hallways, shooting enemies. the game only focuses on shooting guns thus if you’re trying to find an honest storyline, then you’d wish to skip ahead. The game is pretty easy; you wander around the rooms along with your pet and kill all enemy. you’ll be able to purchase new pets and alter their skin. I admired the guns part, wherever you’ll be able to carry alternate guns and you even use magic to clear the amount. This android action game has those 90s’-like retro 2d graphics that create it even a lot of interesting. The game’s no-nonsense cash system will definitely interest those who are fed up with free-to-play models. One issue I notice in the game is that the auto-aim mechanism in which you’ll be able to shoot the gun where you progress.

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7. Zombie Catchers:

Mostly we’ve talked regarding killing or avoiding brain-eating zombies but here, Zombie Catchers wish you to capture them. Moreover, squeeze them to create juice out of them then sell it to humans. The android action game might sound a bit gross however the cartoon graphics really create it seem quite cute. Believe me! Here, even the zombies look adorable. You, being an alien, jump from a ship and lure zombies via throwing off brains then use your cannon to capture them. As the level will increase, you get new gadgets like nets, jetpacks, tranquilizing darts. While the game is ridiculously simple initially, it gets tough as Zombies upgrade themselves using armor, water sports boards etc. In different words, they won’t go down simply. This action game for android also has drones to look for new zombies.

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8. Stick Fight: Shadow warrior:

Stick Fight

Stick Fight is my personal favorite. If you’re searching for a real challenge, Stick Fight Shadow warrior fights can really provide you with chills. This action game for android appearance is pretty easy. You just need to touch the screen to get the flying kicks and punches out of your stickman. However, the real challenge comes once you encounter stickmen with weapons. tapping the screen at the proper moment gets ridiculously tough and your opponent, in this little window, savagely kills you. The game has numerous belts just like Kung Fu belts. Upon finishing specific tasks like “Die three Times,” you’re rewarded with a belt. Coins assist you to get new armor and weapons. The free-to-play business model may get on your nerves, however, I think Stick Fight Shadow warrior is pretty wonderful.

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9. Injustice 2:

Injustice 2

Injustice two may be a Warner Bros. game that packs superheroes from the DC universe also as a number of from here and there. The Android action is bundled with breath-taking console-like graphics and actually comes about to its computer and XBOX versions. Besides, the game also has some voice acting that creates the game even a lot of interesting. Other than fighting, you’ll be able to upgrade your heroes gear items with the assistance of rewards by winning fights. And additionally from the chest that you just are rewarding every few hours. Injustice 2 also permits you to create a league together with your friends and participate in raids. You’ll be able to also be a part of contests and PvP battles to rule leaderboard. Since the game arrives with heavy console-like graphics, you may need a high-end phone to figure smoothly.

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10. Bully Anniversary Edition:

While Rockstar games like GTA and Max Payne have continuously been in the limelight, there’s another action-adventure game for Android that deserves an equal quantity of attention. Bully: Aniversary Edition is an updated version of the much-popular Bully franchise, that is accessible on the computer. Similar to its computer brother, the game involves the main-character Hopkins. It is presently registered at Bullworth Academy, a personal private school in New England. You, being Hopkins, go through different school activities. And fight bullies so as to rank at the highest of school teams. The game also includes some mini-games which are able to create the sport even more attractive. Similar to different Rockstar games, the fighting is generally supporting hand-combat. Bully Aniversary Edition costs $6.99 on the Google Play Store.

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